Tisbury Appoints Chris Habekost as Permanent Police Chief
Praised for his leadership, interim Tisbury police chief Christopher Habekost was named permanent chief by the town select board.
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Tisbury Sergeant Is Named Interim Police Chief
The Tisbury select board unanimously approved the appointment of longtime police Sgt. Christopher Habekost as the town’s interim police chief Wednesday, for six months starting July 10.
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Tisbury Police Chief Will Not Renew His Contract
The Tisbury police chief said Monday that he will retire late this year, after three years on the job. In a letter to the select board, Mark Saloio said he will leave Nov. 5, at the end of his three-year contract.
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With Open Door and Open Mind, Tisbury Chief Gets to Work
Holly Pretsky

Wrapping up his first week on the job, Tisbury’s new police chief Mark Saloio said he is happily on a learning curve.

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Selectmen Ink Contract With New Police Chief, Set Scallop Dates
Landry Harlan

Tisbury selectmen voted Tuesday night to approve a three-year contract for new police chief Mark Saloio. The new chief will be paid $155,000 annually.

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