Lyme Vaccine Trial Progresses; So Do Lone Star Tick Issues
Just as medical professionals on the Vineyard are feeling encouraged by the start of a Lyme vaccine trial, Island doctors are reporting numerous instances of itchy, painful rashes caused by lone star tick larvae in so-called “tick bombs.”
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Ticks and Tick Diseases Are on the Rise
Aaron Wilson and Noah Asimow
Tick-borne illnesses on Martha’s Vineyard have reached possible record highs this year, as lone star ticks and their larvae spread in the Island’s outermost reaches.
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Tick Report Gives Peace of Mind
Nelson Sigelman
Discovering an engorged tick on your body while taking a shower is the Vineyard version of the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.
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Rapid Spread of Lone Star Ticks Alarms Experts
The rapid and unexpected expansion of the lone star tick into New England poses an ominous public health risk for coastal communities like Martha’s Vineyard.
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Draft Guidelines Released for Treatment of Lyme Disease
As a particularly pervasive summer for ticks on the Island winds down, the Infectious Disease Society of America has released new draft guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.
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Where Ticks Travel, Jonah Rehak Is Sure to Follow
Caroline Kaplan
For some, Jonah Rehak’s insect obsession is hard to understand. “My family hates the freezer,” he said. “There are just vials of June bugs, lady bugs, fireflies and moths everywhere.”
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Tick Guide

Here is a quick guide to ticks on Martha's Vineyard. For more information about prevention and treatment, the Martha's Vineyard Boards of Health has an informative website on tickborne illness.

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Funding for Tick Program Runs Out; Tick Spread Marches on
Noah Asimow
The Martha’s Vineyard tick-borne illness reduction initiative has run out of funds, and barring an influx of money will have to shut down after this summer, program director Richard Johnson confirmed.
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Summer Study Tells the Story: Lone Star Tick Threat Is Growing
A post-summer report says tick populations are up, especially the newest species of disease-carrying arachnid to invade Martha’s Vineyard: the lone star tick.
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Tuck in Your Socks, Lone Star Ticks Are Here
Richard Johnson
Lone star tick nymphs and adults are spreading and increasing in numbers, data from the MV Tick Programs 2018 yard surveys shows.
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