New Ink Flows in Edgartown
Remy Tumin

Tattoo artist Mark Kito Fuentes prefers to stay away from names of boyfriends and girlfriends. The tattoo may last a lot longer than the relationship. But he won’t say no to a sister or an artichoke, or both.

Sisters Terri Lee and Katie received matching artichoke tattoos on their shoulders a few years back from Mr. Fuentes.

“It’s the first artichoke I ever did,” he said.

Terri Lee also has a seahorse by Mr. Fuentes and earlier this week she was back getting a crab with flowers.

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Ink Just Dry at New Tattoo Parlor
Holly Nadler

When thinking about tattoos the old cliché of the tattoo dive in a port-of-call and the drunken sailor who staggers inside is never far away. The sailor wants an anchor emblazoned over his bicep on top of a heart with the inscription “Ruthie,” and he wants it now.

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