Vineyard Students Head to Washington for March to End Gun Violence

About 100 students, parents and teachers gathered Wednesday evening to prepare for the trip to Washington DC for the March for Our Lives Rally.

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Vineyard Schools Participate in National Walkout a Day Later

The national walkout took place Wednesday, but due to a snow day Island schools adjusted plans.

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Tisbury School Will Be of Model Type
Vineyard Gazette
Plans for the new Tisbury school have been approved by the building committee and the specifications are now being prepared. It is the hope of the committee that both will ne available to bidders within ten days or two weeks. The plans call for the most modern type of building, in construction, arrangement and style of architectural design, with fireproof boiler and fire rooms, corridors and stairs, and all other parts fire resisting. The outside will be of brick and tile wainscot will figure prominently inside.
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Vineyard Montessori Eyes Major Expansion

Vineyard Montessori, long a presence on the Island as a preschool, has expanded in recent years into the lower grades. Now the school is ready to expand again, and next year will offer classes through eighth grade.

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In School Census, Enrollment Sees Slight Dip Islandwide
Heather Hamacek

Student enrollment is slightly down this year in Martha’s Vineyard public schools, according to the annual Oct. 1 school census.

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Fifth Graders Stage Their Own Daytona, Powered by the Sun
Chloe Reichel

Some 200 fifth and sixth graders from around the Island spent Thursday afternoon racing cars behind the Edgartown School. The cars were small, sleek and solar, built by the students themselves.

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If the Sun Refuses to Shine, Batteries Are Included
Alex Floyd

Mother Nature was a spoil sport on Saturday morning, shining no sun on the solar car races at the Boys & Girls Club. The event involves fifth and sixth graders from around the Island, testing their knowledge of gear ratios, UV rays, and, when it's too cloudy, how to quickly add a battery pack.

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Search Underway for High School Principal, Superintendent
Sydney Bender

The search for a new principal at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School is well under way, superintendent of schools Dr. James H. Weiss said Monday.

A separate search has also begun for Mr. Weiss’s replacement when he retires in 2015.

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Look Ma No Gas; Solar Powered Cars Win the Day
Meg Robbins

Almost 200 fifth grade students from across the Island gathered at the Boys and Girls Club to race handcrafted solar cars Saturday morning. The event was the conclusion of a nearly two-week long study of sustainability, renewable energy and engineering.

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Superintendents Rekindle Idea of Single School District
Olivia Hull

At a talk sponsored by the League of Women Voters, former superintendent Peter Palches and current superintendent Dr. James H. Weiss spoke of the need to regionalize administrative functions in Island schools . Mr. Palches has asked the League to make a study of the issue.

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