Oak Bluffs Plans for New Town Hall Flagpole

The decision to install a new flagpole was made after the select board approved of a new flag policy last week, which allows the flying of non-federally recognized flags on town property.

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Oak Bluffs Approves New Policy to Fly Ceremonial Flags

The new policy, which was approved unanimously by the select board Tuesday, states the town can fly ceremonial flags at the town’s discretion.

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New Pole Proposal Raises Flag Debate in Oak Bluffs

A proposed flag policy in Oak Bluffs was debated again Tuesday by the select board when member Emma Green-Beach pitched the installation of a new town ceremonial flagpole.

The pole would fly non-federally recognized flags, such as the Juneteenth and Progress Pride flags, to promote town diversity and inclusivity, she said.

The select board was in support of the sentiment behind the pole, but some members were concerned about its potential to cause divisiveness over what flags can and cannot be flown.

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