Shaking Hands With Nature, One Step at a Time
Alison L. Mead

On Sunday afternoon about 40 hikers (and several dogs) gathered for a guided walk through the Frances Woods Preserve in West Tisbury. “Fran Woods emailed this morning to say ‘enjoy the walk,’” said Brendan O’Neill, executive director of the Vineyard Conservation Society.

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Nature Conservancy Protects Rare West Tisbury Frost Bottom

Once carved into tiny lots and peddled as a promotion for a 19th century tonic, the 100-acre tract known as the Medicine Lots has been placed in permanent conservation thanks to a purchase completed last month by TNC.

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Conservancy Invests in Tisbury Great Pond Oyster Futures
Remy Tumin

Part of the Tisbury Great Pond is about to become an oyster reef, thanks to a project sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and the towns of Chilmark and West Tisbury.

The propagation projects calls for putting down 100 cubic yards of sea clam shells as culch and then planting 250,000 juvenile oysters.

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Woods Preserve Remains Wild

The family of the late Edwin Newhall (Bob) Woods has gifted 500 acres of rare and unspoiled oak forest, freshwater wetlands and frost bottom in West Tisbury and Chilmark to The Nature Conservancy, the conservancy announced early this week. The gift creates permanent protection for the heart of one of the most significant natural areas on the Vineyard.

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Unspoiled, 500-Acre Forestland Is Woods Family Gift to Nature Conservancy

The family of the late Edwin Newhall (Bob) Woods has permanently gifted 500 acres of rare and unspoiled oak forest, grassland and frost bottom to The Nature Conservancy, the conservancy announced late Monday.

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Gazette in Content Deal with The Nature Conservancy

Two Vineyard institutions, the Vineyard Gazette and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), have announced a new partnership to advance an innovative approach to the Island’s environmental challenges. A new section on the Gazette website ( will introduce Gazette readers to the principles and techniques of TNC’s Vineyard Habitat Network, which pairs TNC know-how with the energy and resources of conservation-minded Islanders.

Launched in 2011, the Habitat Network is free to participants and involves no obligations.

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Inviting Nature Into Your Own Backyard
Katie Ruppel

Residential developments, historically perceived as a threat to wildlife habitats, are taking on a positive role through a new Nature Conservancy program called the Vineyard Habitat Network.

Residences that can actually foster healthy habitats? It’s not only possible, it’s being done already, habitat officials say.

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Controlled Burns Wins Support
Mark Alan Lovewell

Edgartown selectmen this week affirmed the use of fire as a land
management tool as long as members of The Nature Conservancy continue to
work closely with the town's fire chief.

Joel R. Carlson, a fire manager for The Nature Conservancy, came
before the selectmen to answer concerns about the risk of setting fires
in wooded areas. The meeting was attended by representatives of the town
conservation commission and the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest.

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State Forest Gets Help

State Forest Gets Help


The Department of Environmental Management's Division of
Forests and Parks has begun to implement a new management plan
for the 5,000-acre Manuel F. Correllus State Forest.

Concerned about the risk of forest fires, DEM, the state
agency responsible for managing the forest, has focused its
energies on clearing firebreaks or "safe zones" on the land's
perimeter and interior, a plan discussed for several years.

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The Land of Herring Creek Farm Long and Tortuous Tale

It began with a suburban-style subdivision plan, polished
like a shiny apple: Maximum density, 54 luxury homes, two beach clubs
with swimming pools.

It ended last week with a record real estate sale and a
subdivision plan of a markedly different color: Six new luxury homes
added to five existing homes and a vast sweep of farmland saved

But between the beginning and the end of the Herring Creek
Farm story there is another story.

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