New Philanthropy Group Bestows Grants
Ivy Ashe

A new facility for youth mental health services and a new field for Little Leaguers received funding Tuesday night as the recently established MVYouth community fund presented its first two expansion grants, part of a $1 million yearly campaign to help the Island’s youngest residents.

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Shared Love of Vineyard Energizes New Island Philanthropy Group

A newly formed Vineyard philanthropy group with a core mission to support Island youth and an innovative funding model will commit $4 million over the next four years to an array of youth causes. Founders include a number of first-generation summer homeowners.

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Island Philanthropy 2.0
Summer on the Vineyard is many things, but lately it seems to have become the season of fundraisers. Hardly a day goes by without an invitation to a party or event to benefit one of a multitude of causes.
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