New Courtesy Dock Planned for Oak Bluffs Harbor

The select board voted Tuesday to allow the harbor and shellfish departments to move forward with a plan to install a new dock near Our Market, replacing a pair of slips that sit there now.

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Anchoring Moratorium Begins in Lake Tashmoo

The Tisbury select board voted unanimously Wednesday to impose an immediate moratorium on anchoring in Lake Tashmoo until the town has developed a policy to reduce the number of visiting boats.

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Residents Sound Off on Proposed Tashmoo Anchor Ban

The temporary ban was proposed last month by town administrator Jay Grande, who on Wednesday repeated his concerns about the impact of visiting boats on the environmental health of the estuary and the quality of life for lakeside residents.

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Tisbury Eyes Anchoring Moratorium in Lake Tashmoo

Worried about environmental damage, Tisbury officials are scheduled to talk about a potential moratorium on March 8.

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Plan to Hike Mooring Fees in Tisbury Sparks Lively Discussion
Louisa Hufstader

A request from Tisbury harbor master John Crocker to increase mooring permit fees three times over the coming five years led to a lively discussion Tuesday.

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Not So Fast

The Tisbury harbor management committee wants to eliminate anchoring in Lake Tashmoo to promote the growth of eelgrass, but allow transient moorings.

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Crackdown at the Harbor: Can It Help Those Who Wait Years for Moorings?

Crackdown at the Harbor: Can It Help Those Who Wait Years for


There's about to be a crackdown in Edgartown's harbor
- new mooring regulations aim to fix a system in which some
boaters have been waiting a generation for a place to put their vessel.

Securing a permanent mooring in any East Coast port town these days
is often a challenge. But in Edgartown's inner harbor - one
of two Island towns that still permit private moorings -
it's practically impossible.

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Mooring Regulations for Lake Tashmoo Dominate Tisbury Waterways
Max Hart

Town waterway regulations were the topic of discussion on Tuesday night when members of the Tashmoo management committee, the harbor management committee and the general public met with the Tisbury selectmen.

In a special working session, the selectmen asked for public comment to clear up confusion over town mooring regulations, especially in Lake Tashmoo. The meeting was scheduled after a summer that saw several public disputes over increased rule enforcement at Lake Tashmoo.

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