State Shark Expert Attests to Benefits of Annual Contest

Using charts, graphs and an encyclopedic knowledge of sharks, a leading state marine biologist told the Oak Bluffs selectmen this week that the embattled Boston Big Game Fishing Club's Monster Shark tournament is less about drinking beer and killing sharks, and more about providing a rare opportunity to collect vital information for research.

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Shark Tournament Sees Little Conflict
Jim Hickey

Large Crowds Gather for Monster Catch, Children in Tow

Marcus Benker, 11, of Holyoke, had never seen a live shark prior to
the Boston Big Game Fishing Club's Monster Shark Tournament in Oak
Bluffs this weekend.

So when he first glimpsed a 321-pound blue shark on Saturday
strapped to the back of the Melissa Kate, a fishing boat out of
Scituate, he studied its lifeless eye, its rows of razor sharp teeth and
its streamlined body and wondered aloud if he was looking at the real

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Shark Tournament Begins on Thursday
Jim Hickey

Controversy Plagues Oak Bluffs Contest; Scientists, Fishermen on One
Side, Humane Society on the Other

Several years ago the Boston Big Game Fishing Club Monster Shark
Tournament was widely viewed as a simple affair, an event that attracted
top fishermen from up and down the East Coast and generated a moderate
boost in business for local shops and restaurants.

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To Indifference of Oak Bluffs, Shark Tourney Issue Returns
Jim Hickey

Like an ominous dorsal fin appearing behind unsuspecting bathers set
to the familiar theme music from Jaws, debate over the Boston Big Game
Fishing Club Monster Shark Tournament resurfaced these past few weeks
just as the countdown to the summer season began in earnest.

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Film Highlights Role of Sharks on Eve of Yearly Tournament
Jim Hickey

Most people think of the shark as the ultimate symbol of dread,
giants with cold lifeless eyes who cruise the ocean looking for swimmers
they can tear from limb to limb. The very word itself is used to
describe people in society who prey on others or who engage in deceptive

There is probably not an animal in the world more despised or feared
then sharks, ranking right down there with snakes and spiders.

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Shark Protection Rules Announced
Jack Shea

Shark Protection Rules Announced

Annual Tournament Held in Oak Bluffs Without Incident


Trumping a 536-pound winning shark is difficult but the biggest news
out of the 21st Monster Shark Tournament weekend for marine biologists,
conservationists and fishermen is that the federal government is
stepping up to protect several species of overfished sharks.

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Flextime Plan Sparks Oak Bluffs Debate
Jim Hickey

In a return to form of sorts, Oak Bluffs selectmen on Tuesday clashed over what seemed like a relatively harmless plan to allow principal assessor Dianne Wilson to work a three-day work week with longer days instead of a traditional five-day work week.

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Shark Tournament Seeks Private Venue
Jim Hickey

The organizer of the Monster Shark Tournament this week announced that he had withdrawn his application to use Washington Park as the headquarters for the three-day event and instead had set his sights on securing a private venue for the tournament’s opening and closing ceremonies.

Steven James, president of the Boston Big Game Fishing Club, told the Gazette this week he had withdrawn his application to put up a tent with capacity for 900 on Washington Park that would be used for the tournament’s Captain’s Banquet and closing ceremonies.

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Shark Tournament May Be Endangered
Jim Hickey

In a move that sets the stage for the town of Oak Bluffs to break ranks with the controversial Boston Big Game Fishing Club Monster Shark Tournament, a divided board of selectmen on Tuesday voted to deny a one-day liquor license for shark tournaments.

Following the vote, tournament organizer Steven James said the town’s action provides grounds for a lawsuit. He accused selectmen of discriminating against the popular fishing tournament and fishermen in general.

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Mounting a Different Kind of Protest
By Julie Verost and Scott Hershowitz

Although the Monster Shark Tourna ment is over until the same massacre occurs next July, please read on. My husband and I, the two protestors aside from the Humane Society, spent the hours during the weigh-in with signs stating our stance. We have heard many of the arguments that tournament participants and supporters mindlessly rattle off. If those people would do some research, they would uncover the truth about what we are doing to the oceans and the ecosystems within it.

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