Moffett Race Tacks to Far Shore of Summer

The Holmes Hole Sailing Association sponsored the 44th running of the George Moffett Race on Saturday, Sept. 11.

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Light Winds Favor Smaller Boats in Moffett Race

A light but steady breeze and unusually placid Nantucket Sound added up to good conditions for smaller boats in the 44th George Moffett Race on Saturday.

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Strong Tailwinds Propel Moffett Race
Will Sennott

Alan Wilson took first place in this year's Moffett Race aboard his 28-foot Stuart Knockabout, Altius. It was his third win, captaining three different boats.

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Handicap Can't Hold Back Moffett Race Three-Peat Winner

For the third consecutive year, and the fourth time in eight years, Stephen Besse won the George Moffett Race.

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Moffett Race Is Sailing Smorgasbord

Boats will be charging the line in two divisions of the annual George Moffett race this Saturday starting at 11:10 a.m.

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Apres Sails to Victory Again at Annual Moffett Race

For the second consecutive year, Steve Besse sailed his J/105 Apres to victory in the Moffett Race Saturday, becoming the first skipper in the 39-year history of the race to win three times.

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

There is a certain serendipity to Venture’s long voyage. For most of her 106 years the wooden gaff-rigged sloop was simply a part of Vineyard Haven Harbor, fitting into the seascape as much as Shenandoah or the town dock.

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No Wind, No Matter; Moffett Race Is End of Season Delight

Skipper Stephen Besse in Apres, his J/120, won the 38th Moffett Cup on Saturday, sponsored by the Holmes Hole Sailing Association. A small edge in tactics helped him overcome a stifling handicap, to cross the line first, and score best on corrected time.

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Moffett Race Ends Seasons on Windy Seas
David Lott

The schooner Phra Luang and captain Jeff Robinson won the 37th running of the George M. Moffett Race last Saturday.

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Moffett Race Returns
Mark Alan Lovewell

The 36th annual George Moffett Race, the premiere end-of-summer sailboat event, returns Saturday, Sept. 7.

The monohull race is a late morning, all afternoon handicapped contest involving sailboats of all sizes, from 16 to more than 40 feet.

Registration is $40, and must be received in the mail no later than August 30. For more information, visit the Holmes Hole Sailing Association website at

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