MV Bank Awards $80,500 to Nonprofits

The Martha’s Vineyard Bank Charitable Foundation has awarded $80,500 in grants and donations to 10 nonprofits on Martha's Vineyard and in Falmouth.

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MV Mediation Waives Fees

The Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program will operate fee-free for the rest of 2020, according to an announcement.

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MV Mediation Offers Evening Hours

The Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program is offering a new program with free evening hours at its office in Vineyard Haven.

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Mediation Panel Addresses Vacation Property Conflicts

The Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program and Edgartown library sponsor a program next week looking at potential family conflict over vacation properties.

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Mediation President Elected to National Organization

Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program president Richard Barbieri has been elected to the board of directors for the Association for Conflict Resolution.

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Still Keeping the Peace, Vineyard Mediation Looks to Next Stage
Tom Dunlop

For nearly 30 years, it has solved disputes that were heading to small claims court. It has helped resolve differences between business partners, those going through divorce or custody cases, and it has even run seminars on how town conservation commissions and other agencies deal with emotional and consequential issues involving land use and planning.

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Mediation Plays Central Role in Island Courts
Alexis Tonti

Mediation Plays Central Role in Island Courts


The Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program is the silent partner
of the Edgartown District Court. While what happens in court is public
and sometimes pyrotechnic, mediation takes disputes off the docket and
behind closed doors. It's a voluntary alternative that allows
disputants, facilitated by two mediators, to work together toward a
mutually agreeable solution.

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Mediation Program is Without Rival
Peter Brannen

Last Thursday, past and current members of the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Dispute Resolution celebrated their 25th anniversary in the one place they have been so effective at keeping people out of for years: the Edgartown district court.

Formerly the Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program, the organization trains mediators who try to facilitate peaceful resolutions between opposing parties in a confidential, constructive and empathetic fashion, before either party resorts to formal litigation, which can often turn recriminatory and divisive.

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