Holding Hands With History at the Lambert's Cove Inn
Mary Jane Carpenter
The Lambert’s Cove Inn has been purchased once again, and according to all reports will be the repository of the new owner’s hopes and dreams.
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Lambert's Cove Inn Sells to Boston Businessman
Landry Harlan
The Lambert's Cove Inn sold for $5.5 million. It will remain an inn and restaurant, the new owner said.
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Veal Cheeks and Crab Cakes, Joe DaSilva is Back at Lambert's Cove Inn
Heather Hamacek
Joe DaSilva has been out of the public eye and off the public plate recently, working as a private chef. But this season, he has returned to the Lambert’s Cove Inn.
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Goats, Chickens and Veggies: Lambert's Cove Goes Farm to Inn
Alison Mead
Ten years ago looking for a change of pace, Scott Jones and Kell Hicklin left their suits and ties down south and bought the Lambert’s Cove Inn and Restaurant in West Tisbury.

“Who would’ve thought we’d be bottle feeding goats four times a day?” said Mr. Hicklin. “It’s a long way from the corporate world.”

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Two Historic Inns Change Hands in Edgartown and Lambert's Cove
James Kinsella

Two historic Vineyard inns - Lambert's Cove Inn in West Tisbury and the Tuscany Inn at the Captain Fisher House in Edgartown - were sold during the last week in heavily leveraged deals.

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Lambert’s Cove Inn Offers Reward for Return of Sign

The hand-carved sign formerly at the entrance of the Lambert’s Cove Inn and Restaurant in West Tisbury was stolen Saturday night or early Sunday morning, and the owners of the inn are offering a reward for the return of the custom-made marker, valued at $2,000.

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Lambert’s Cove Inn Sign Stolen Again
Jim Hickey

For the second time in three months, the sign at Lambert’s Cove Inn in West Tisbury was stolen sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. Police said they are searching for suspects in a string of sign-related heists in recent months.

The previous sign at the Lambert’s Cove Inn was stolen in February, and the sign in front of the Focus Christian fellowship center down the road has also been stolen several times over the past year.

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At Home in the Kitchen and the Bushes
Remy Tumin


Max Eagan has always known the kitchen is where he belongs. He’s worked in restaurants since he was 14, studied under Island chefs such as Joe DaSilva and now he’s the executive chef of the Lambert’s Cove Inn, all without ever stepping foot in a culinary school.

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Max Eagan Brings Fresh Menu to Lambert’s Cove

Max Eagan has been appointed executive chef at the restaurant at Lambert’s Cove Inn, with a new menu and a newly decorated dining room.

He will be responsible for menu planning and execution as well as day-to-day operations of the kitchen culinary staff, reporting to the proprietors, Scott J. Jones and I. Kell Hicklin, with a sideline to general manager, Michael Rego.

Mr. Jones said of the young chef, “Max’s culinary brilliance is complimented by his travels, creative energy, hard work and his love of Martha’s Vineyard.”

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West Tisbury Is Officially All Wet

The sale of beer and wine has begun in two West Tisbury restaurants. Last Friday marked the first night the Lambert’s Cove Inn and State Road Restaurant sold beer and wine, thanks to last-minute license approval from the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

Both restaurants received their permits late Friday afternoon, shortly before the dinner hour. Lambert’s Cove Inn co-owner Scott Jones said he was not expecting it for another two weeks.

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