Organization of the “Katama Land Company”
Vineyard Gazette

It affords us sincere pleasure to announce that the question whether Katama was “to be or not to be” the scene of a new settlement and a resort for summer visitors, is certainly “to be.”

We were morally certain of this fact several weeks ago, but refrained from stating it at the request of the parties concerned in working up the enterprise, until all possibility of a failure from any human cause, was removed. It is now a fixed fact, and we but give voice to the expression of our citizens when we propose three times three cheers for the cheering inevitable.

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Katama Has Within It All The Dreams of the World
William Waterway

My affair with Katama began about 30 years ago. I was sitting in the office of my state-certified, water-testing laboratory when the phone rang. A voice with a familiar tone asked, “May I speak with the owner.”

“Yes, you are speaking with the owner, this is William. With whom am I speaking?”

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