What the Shooting Is All About: Jaws

The filming of the movie Jaws began that morning on South Beach, and suddenly the parking lot at the end of Katama Road looked like lower Fifth avenue — trucks galore, even a bus. Some had been rented, but others belonging to Universal Studios had traveled the 3,000 miles from Pacific to Atlantic.

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Jaws Survives a Showdown with Real-Life Selectmen

For a nerve-tattering 24 hours this week, Universal Studios’ production on Martha’s Vineyard of the smash-to-be film Jaws was a suspense story that no audience will ever see.

The $3 1/2-million project had run afoul of the law — the production crew had not gotten permission to do a batch of things it was doing.

And permission-getting, which involves formal public notice (see legal advertisements, Page Two), hearings, and mature deliberation, can be agonizingly long. Production costs are budgeted at $30,000 a day.

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Officials Say Jaws Celebration Needs More Specifics

The great grandson of the Universal Studios founders continues to formulate plans for a 50th anniversary Jaws festival on the Island, although concrete details are sparse.

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Aquinnah Eyed For Jaws Anniversary Celebration

Michael Dakin Cochrane, the great grandson of Philip Dakin Cochrane, who helped found Universal Studios in 1912 with his brother Robert, reached out to Aquinnah town hall about the potential of hosting the event between June 15 and 30, 2025. 

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50 Years Ago, Jaws Came to the Vineyard After Canceled Nantucket Ferry

Production designer Joe Alves had planned to scout Nantucket for the movie Jaws when his ferry was turned around. He ended up on Martha's Vineyard instead, forever changing the Island.

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Vineyard Plays Starring Role in New Jaws Exhibit

Titled Creating Amity Island, the new exhibit at the Martha's Vineyard Museum brings together behind-the-scenes photos and collectibles from the now-historic 1974 production that made the Vineyard famous to millions of viewers around the world.

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Edith Blake, Vineyard Photographer Who Documented Jaws

Ms. Blake cut a colorful figure in Edgartown society for decades and famously documented the filming of the movie Jaws on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 1974.

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It's Back: Jaws Celebrates Return to Island After 25 Years

In 1974, Universal Studios sent a new young director to the Island to make a movie about a big shark terrorizing a little town. The plan was to spend five weeks and 3.5 million dollars. The reality was a film shoot that stretched to over five months and a cost overrun to more than 8 million dollars.

The director was Steven Spielberg, the movie was Jaws, and the bottom line was history. Three Academy Awards. The first movie to earn $100 million from American audiences. The first to be released on more than 450 screens at once.

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Who but the Jaws Company Would Build an Orca Designed Not to Float but to Head for the Bottom?

Boats since the beginning of time have been built to float, or at least that’s the object, but Universal Studios (which of late does the unusual) has built a boat to sink. It sounds a bit odd, and frankly it looks a bit odd.

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Keeping It Simple on the Water, Hauling Traps and Filling Pots

It's hard to miss Wayne Iacono as he sails out of Menemsha harbor.

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