MVC Allows Cottage Demolition in Oak Bluffs
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission approved a project to tear down a historic summer cottage in East Chop, weighing the benefits of responsible rebuilding against the loss of history.
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MVC Weighs Demolition of Historic House in East Chop
Plans to tear down a historic East Chop home forced neighbors and historic planners to weigh concerns about increasing home demolitions.
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Cottagers Acquire an Old Town Hall and Many Annals of Old Cottage City and Oak Bluffs
On Aug. 26, 1869, the Oak Bluffs Land and Wharf Company, an energetic corporation which had bought up acres of the lovely woods and meadows and shore front stretches of what is now Oak Bluffs, sold one of those lots, 69 Pequot avenue, to Lydia B. Smith of New Bedford.
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Owners of Historic Home Withdraw Application to Demolish
Homeowners Steve and Ellie Wise will withdraw their application to demolish a house at 189 Katama Road.
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Old Landmarks

Among the old landmarks of Vineyard Haven, the most interesting one is the old mill; first built “up island,” then moved to Edgartown, and finally to Vineyard Haven to the spot where Association Hall now stands. Later, it was purchased by Dea. Tristram Luce and moved to the land where Capt. Owen Tilton’s house now stands. In 1883 it was purchased by Col. Carey and retained its individuality till 1886, when Major Carey had it moved to its present position; and it’s now a component part of the Major’s cottage, - and the old mill has lost its identity.

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Resembles House of Whaling Master
Vineyard Gazette

The new telephone building at Vineyard Haven, which is now nearing completion so far as the exterior is concerned, marks the passing of an epoch in the Island history of the telephone and the beginning of a new one.

With the completion of this building and the transfer of the offices and plant of the company to its new quarters, the common battery system will be put into operation in the towns of Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, and all connections between the Vineyard Haven office and Boston will be by cable.

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Following the Path of History at the Thomas Cooke House
Maia Coleman
For three years now, the museum has been hard at work restoring the historic Thomas Cooke house property, the site of its original campus, as a public green-space and satellite campus.
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Federated Church Prevails in Intricate Case Over Parsonage

The Federated Church in Edgartown won a legal victory this week in a knotty case over its ownership of the South Water street parsonage that was willed to the church more than 60 years ago.

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History Revisited
Tucked away off Cromwell Lane in downtown Vineyard Haven, the Caleb Prouty house is a vestige of a bygone era, one of the few survivors of the Great Fire of 1883 that destroyed most of downtown Vineyard Haven.
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Commission Wrestles With Historic House Dilemma
As Stop & Shop mulls redevelopment plans for a new Vineyard Haven store, it wants to demolish the Caleb Prouty House.
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