Land Bank Goat Herder Steps Down

After around three years at the head of the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank’s goat grazing operation, Island farmer Zachary Jesse is hanging up his hat as lead goat herder.

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Native Earth Teaching Farm Says Goodbye to Queen of the Herd

In Chilmark last Friday, a queen and a mother, horned and cloven-hooved, died at the Native Earth Teaching farm after a period of illness.

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Land Bank Bans Dogs Where Goats Graze

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank is tightening its pet policy after eight land bank goats were injured in recent dog attacks.

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Land Bank Plans to Give Goats New Shelter

The approval of a new awning for the Land Bank Goats comes after a meeting last month between land bank staff, the Agricultural Society and Island animal control officers on the wellbeing of the herd.

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Officials Discuss Concerns Over Goat Herd's Health

Questions about the wellbeing of the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank goat herd were raised at a meeting this week between land bank staff, Island animal control officers and the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society.

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Got Your Goat?
Suzan Bellincampi

Goats seem to be the new Vineyard obsession. And why not? Goats have a lot going for them.

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At Waskosim's Rock, Goats to Replace Mowers
Alex Elvin

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has acquired 120 goats, following a two-year pilot program at the Farm Institute, and plans to deploy them as living lawnmowers as early as next week. The goats will take up residency at Waskosim's Rock in Chilmark.

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Eating the Way to Conservation
Remy Tumin

Imagine sheep grazing at Wasque Point on Chappaquiddick, or goats and cattle browsing the greenery at Long Point Wildlife Refuge.

It’s not a long shot if farmers and conservation groups can manage land together, says David R. Foster, an ecologist and director of the Harvard Forest.

“This is a fabulous time for agriculture and there’s a wonderful opportunity for agriculture, land owners and conservationists to come together in a way that they haven’t previously,” Mr. Foster said in an interview at his home this week.

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Goats Travel by Boat to New Gig: Invasive Wildlife Specialists
Remy Tumin

The sound of bleating echoed across the water.

“Do you hear them?” Kristen Fauteux said standing at the edge of Daggett Pond at Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary.

The still June morning had just settled over the pond on Wednesday as three pygmy goats made their maiden voyage from the head of the pond to its eastern edge, a small wake trailing behind their raft.

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Goats on the Lam Wreak Havoc in Chilmark Home
Mark Alan Lovewell

If this was a children's story, it might be titled Goldilocks
Meets Billy Goat Gruff. But the story is true, however bizarre, so
instead it must be titled something more straightforward, like Goats
Trash Chilmark Home. And the subtitle? Only on Martha's Vineyard.

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