Surface Encounters at Sargent Gallery

The Sargent Gallery in Aquinnah will host a reception on August 20 for its last exhibit of the season.

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Photography Exhibit Documents Struggle

The Sargent Gallery in Aquinnah is welcoming a new exhibit called Force of Place: Oil and Water in North Dakota.

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Sargent Gallery Begins Summer Season

The Sargent Gallery in Aquinnah is opening its summer season this weekend.

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Nature and Art at Sargent Gallery

On Sunday, August 14 the Sargent Gallery will have an opening reception for Contrast in Nature and Art.

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Art With a Mission is Natural Choice at Gay Head Gallery
Alex Floyd

The Gay Head Gallery sees itself as more than just a place to display art. Instead, Megan Ottens-Sargent, the gallery’s owner, has reinvented the space in the past few years to give it a mission. Specifically, one of environmental activism.

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Gay Head Gallery Opens
The Gay Head Gallery is open for the season, featuring local and nationally acclaimed artists, photographers, jewelers and sculptors.
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Open House at Gay Head Gallery
This weekend the Gay Head Gallery is hosting an open house from noon to 5 p.m., Friday through Sunday. There will be a question and answer session with artist Enos Ray at 3 p.m. on Saturday.
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Defending Species Is Artful Cause
Xenia Rakovshik
Last Sunday, Megan Ottens-Sargent opened the doors of her home and gallery to host a new exhibit entitled The Abstract Wild: Wilderness Lost? which runs through Sept. 2.
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Wild and Abstract at Gay Head Gallery
The Gay Head Gallery will present a reception and benefit for Defenders of Wildlife on Sunday, August 10, from 5 to 7 p.m.
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Art for a Cause at Gay Head Gallery
Derek Schwartz
Gay Head Gallery exhibit, Keep the Lighthouse in Sight, hosts artists' work, casting out into stormy seas. Sales from the exhibit benefit relocation efforts.
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