Two Foundations Launch Intensive Study of Chilmark Pond
Maia Coleman

Dredging and intensive study are part of a new project for Chilmark Pond, as two foundations have joined forces to develop a science-driven restoration plan for the pond.

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Keep Edgartown Great Pond Flowing with Science
Dudley Levick

With manmade openings at the Edgartown Great Pond a long-established practice, I would like to raise a question about the more recent practice of dredging.

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Great Pond Foundation Director Looks to Serve and Protect
Landry Harlan

Emily Reddington, former director of science and education at the Great Pond Foundation, has been named executive director of the Edgartown nonprofit.

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Invasive Jellyfish on the Move in Island Ponds
Landry Harlan

Biologists and environmental groups are monitoring an invasive jellyfish with a painful sting that has spread into Vineyard waters in recent years.

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Water Levels in Great Ponds Reach Historic High
Landry Harlan

Torrents of rain from recent storms have caused Vineyard Great Ponds to rise to historic levels, threatening shellfish and surrounding homes.

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Edgartown Great Pond Comeback Is Communal Effort
Landry Harlan

The overall health of the Edgartown Great Pond has shown significant improvement over the past decade, according to a report released Tuesday from the nonprofit Great Pond Foundation.

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Right Whale Likely Died After Fishing Gear Entanglement
Chloe Reichel

A decomposing North Atlantic right whale carcass recovered from the Edgartown Great Pond Tuesday morning likely died from entanglement with fishing gear, scientists said.

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Two Dredges Needed in Edgartown Great Pond This Year
Ivy Ashe

The Edgartown dredge has been called in to help remove a large delta of sand that was Hurricane Sandy's legacy to the Great Pond last year.

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Effort to Open Pathway to Sea Hindered by Windy Weather, Surf and Tide
Joshua Sabatini

Shellfish constable Paul Bagnall oversaw the opening of Oyster Pond
and Edgartown Great Pond to the sea on Wednesday, but Thursday's
unfavorable wind and surf conspired to close both openings.

Mr. Bagnall said he may try to make the cuts sometime in January if
he is presented with a good opportunity; otherwise, he will wait until
March. "Now I will take a good look at it," said Mr.
Bagnall, "and keep an eye on the weather."

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Edgartown Great Pond Receives State Assistance

Edgartown Great Pond Receives State Assistance


Edgartown's beloved Great Pond, a delicate balance of fresh
and salt water that has become fragile as a result of the burdens of
development, is at the top of the state's priority list to receive
a comprehensive estuary restoration plan.

"They will essentially hand us the tools for managing the
watershed and an understanding of the mechanics of doing that,"
said Tom Wallace, president of the Great Pond Foundation, a nonprofit
group formed in 1999 to protect the health of the pond.

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