Dredging Up a New Hot Commodity: Sand

The purchase of an Edgartown dredge in the mid-1990s has proved to be a major money-saver for the town. This year, the Edgartown parks department estimated it saved around $18 million by using locally dredged sand to restore the dunes at South Beach.

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Moving Sand

Donnie Benefit and Greg Bettencourt lead dredging efforts in Edgartown Great Pond.

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Walking Through Winter

Attendees of the final Vineyard Conservation Society Winter Walk make their way from Slough Farm to Edgartown Great Pond and back in Katama. Guests Emily Reddington of The Great Pond Foundation and Ray Ewing of The Vineyard Gazette accompanied the walkers.

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Sale of Great Pond Land For Golf Course Is Near

Members of the MacKenty family in Edgartown are now in the final stages of negotiations to sell some 200 acres of their Edgartown Great Pond land to a group that plans to build a golf course on it, the Gazette has learned.

“We are negotiating, but we can’t comment on much until we have an agreement,” said Jeremiah MacKenty this week. “But yes, I’d say we are fairly close,” he added.

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Citizens Group Opposes Golf Plans

As discussion begins to heat up around the issue of whether to build private golf clubs on the Vineyard, a citizens group has formed to oppose a golf club development planned for some 200 acres of land along the Edgartown Great Pond.

Called the Coalition for Preservation of Island Resources, the group includes a number of property owners near the planned golf course project. The key organizers for the group are Edgartown residents Rick Bausman, Sally Apy and Candice Hogan.

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Major Conservation Offer Made For Sensitive Golf Course Lands

A large parcel of land along the Edgartown Great Pond, which is now planned for an 18-hole golf course, was the subject of a legitimate and equivalent offer for purchase from a prominent and well-funded conservation group about 18 months ago, the Gazette has learned.

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Scientists and Residents Attack Golf Course Plan

A group of developers who want to build a golf course along the Edgartown Great Pond heard a team of scientists dismantle their environmental science last night, alongside an outpouring of statements from a striking array of Vineyard residents who urged the Martha’s Vineyard Commission in passionate tones to reject the golf course plan.

“We need to think about Martha’s Vineyard and why do we all live here?” said Tara Hickman.

“Trade a natural piece of heaven on earth for a manicured, hyper-fertilized artificial landscape? No thank you,” declared Liz Bradley.

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War of Words Erupts Anew Over 'Organic' Golf Proposal

A citizens group that opposes a proposal for an 18-hole private golf club along the Edgartown Great Pond took its turn in the spotlight this week, responding sharply to an advertising campaign started by the golf course developers last week.

“They’ve ‘Gone Organic.’ We Think They’re Dead Wrong. Do You?” declares a full-page advertisement that appears in today’s Gazette.

The advertisement is a rejoinder to paid advertisements in both Island newspapers last week from the developers who want to build a golf club along the Edgartown Great Pond.

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Golf Developers Lobby Officials; MVC Commission Is Badly Split

The developers who want to build a golf course along the Edgartown Great Pond jacked up the pressure this week in an attempt to gain favorable votes from members of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

Opponents of the golf course project also are waging a lobbying campaign, including a series of paid advertisements, but the campaign by the developers is now clearly accompanied by high-pressure tactics more commonly seen in Boston than on the Cape and Islands.

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The Nature Conservancy Will Purchase Former Golf Club Land on Great Pond For Private Conservation Protection

In a move that is expected to knock down many established barriers to the land protection movement, The Nature Conservancy announced this week that it will buy and put into private conservation 103 acres of land along the Edgartown Great Pond. The property just last year was planned for a private luxury golf club.

Formerly owned by Katharine and Robert Bigelow, the property stretches from Meetinghouse Way to the Kanomika Neck shore of the Great Pond fronting Mashacket Cove, and includes a large expanse of globally rare sandplain grassland.

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