Banner Bay Scallop Year Not All Good News for Fishermen

It has been a bountiful season for the Vineyard’s bay scallop fishery, but scallopers struggled to capitalize due to an atrophied market.

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The Rocker Family: How their transfer from Cottage City to the State Alms House was accomplished

The series of endeavors on the part of the town of Cottage City to rid itself of the now notorious Rocker family culminated last Friday in a performance, the true story of which reads more like the report of a riot in a Louisiana parish, or like a leaf from some yellow-colored “Life on the Border,” or like a chapter from Reade or Dickens on the administration of the charity laws in the old country, than like the simple account of the removal of the local authorities of a poor family, located in a New England town, to the paternal care of the government of the State of Massachusetts.

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Vineyard Banks Set Course Amid a Changing Economy
Virginia Poole
Despite a softening of the real estate market and changes in the economy, officials of Vineyard banking institutions remain generally optimistic about local affairs with few reservations.
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Vineyard Serene as Business Carries on Through Bank Crisis
Vineyard Gazette
The Island this morning faces at least one more day of the national banking holiday. Telegrams from the United States treasury notified Vineyard bankers last night of the extension of the holiday through Friday. The Island was encouraged, however, by repeated statements from Washington that there would be little delay in reopening sound banks.
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Summer Business Sees Mixed Reviews Across the Island
Katherine Gianni and Noah Asimow

With summer at the halfway point, Island businesses have begun to tally the numbers.

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Building Boom Fuels Economic Recovery, But Outlook Mixed
Alex Elvin

Martha’s Vineyard is showing signs of recovery after the recession, including in construction and real estate. But a seasonal economy and lack of affordable housing continue to pose challenges.

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Economic Difficulties Leave Uncertain Outlook at Year's End
Chris Burrell

Start talking to people about the state of the Vineyard economy, and you can detect an edginess, an air of concern that mirrors the condition of a nation in the midst of recession, war and ongoing fear of terrorism.

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Business landscape Shifts in Larger Towns
Jonathan Burke

Now is always a good time to market a quality product, say a number of Island entrepreneurs opening new businesses this summer.

"Our idea ... was to kind of seize the moment," said Frank Pellegrino, opening a Mexican restaurant where Lawry's seafood restaurant used to be in Edgartown.

He said that he and partner Denise Page didn't want uncertain economic times to deter them from taking the lease to a valuable piece of property: Not many businesses come with parking lots attached, he said.

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Island Economy Holds Strong in 2002; Land and Home Sales Point the Way

Looking back over 2002, the Island's economy showed strength during a year of uncertainty and possible war.

Land, the Island's most formidable asset, held its value. According to James Lengyel, executive director of the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank, land and housing values grew in 2002. Land bank revenues for the six-month period from July 1 to Dec. 31 were up 12 per cent over the first six months of 2001. Transactions were up four per cent.

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Heating Costs Trouble Island
Jim Hickey

After 30 years of operating the Island's largest oil and gas supplier, Ralph Packer is quite aware that many Islanders feel they pay way too much to heat their homes in the winter.

"I start to hear it every year when it gets cold; people think they're getting ripped off" Mr. Packer said. "They are automatically suspicious when their [oil bills] go up each year"

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