Earth Day Continues with Volunteer Beach Clean-Up

On Saturday, April 30, the Vineyard Conservation Society hosts a cleanup day held at beaches all over the Island.

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Earth Day 2016

Forty-six years ago today, the Vineyard marked the first Earth Day with a home-grown event.

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Earth Day 2013: Out of Trash, Treasured Effort Unfolds
Ivy Ashe
April 22, 1970, the very first Earth Day, dawned pure and clear on the Vineyard. “One might almost have thought all the brouhaha about Earth Day was nonsense, and unnecessary . . . but by 5:30 p.m . . . it was evident that the Vineyard was far from unlittered,” a Gazette story said at the time.

Bob Woodruff and a group of about 60 others, including many high school students, collected more than 3,000 pounds of litter that day, hauling Mr. Woodruff’s oxcart along the roads of the Island and picking up all debris and trash in its path.

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Earth Day Volunteers Scour Beaches

The Vineyard Conservation Society’s Earth Day Beach Clean-Up saw volunteers taking to beaches around the Island last Saturday, April 18. Among the many organizations to dedicate their afternoon to the effort was the Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association. The association put their work in on the familiar strand of South Beach, hauling refuse of all shapes, sizes and material out of the sands and away to a proper disposal.

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Saturday to-Do List: Don Gloves, Roll Up Sleeves, Go to Beach for Earth Day Event
Cooper Davis

Flotsam and jetsam have drifted onto Island shores for centuries, although the volume and toxicity of beach trash has increased dramatically during modern times.

Today plastic trash is a blot on beaches, but thankfully it can be reduced simply by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

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