In a Hurried World, the Pace of Poetry Grows More Essential
April begins a fool and ends a sage. She tags the tails of March, the cruelest month with high hopes and fierce winds.
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Remembering Papou and His American Dream
I always thought I would have one last chance to say goodbye to my grandfather.
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Housing Bank Is a Risky Proposition
The proposed housing bank bill replaces the direct democracy of town meeting with a central committee, consisting of seven commissioners, one elected from each town, and a seventh commissioner elected Islandwide.
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Remembering John Phillips, a Friend to Island Anglers
I first met John Phillips when he stepped off the Steamship Authority ferry in Oak Bluffs almost three decades ago.
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In Step With a Touch of Country Wisdom
So it is April at last. The daffodils are up, but not all in bloom yet.
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Dear Dad, Happy Retirement!
Our dad Richard Leonard was promoted to president and CEO of the Martha’s Vineyard Cooperative Bank in 1989 — a big job for an Island boy freshly graduated from University of Massachusetts.
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A Vineyard Perspective

“The Ukraine crisis is something we don’t want to see.”

—Xi Jinping

A slant of light on a winter afternoon
Illumines a two-foot pine sapling
I forgot I planted at the lawn’s edge.
In my mind’s eye: I accept from
Someone’s hands the tiny tree,
Roots swaddled in a plastic bag.
I transport it from somewhere
And plant it at home on the Vineyard,
Heaping soil around the base, then
Forgetting about it until a ray of light
Points to a tree tall enough for me to see
From the windows of my study.

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Vineyard Bookshelf: Confessions of an Immigrant Boy Pittsburgh 1920
Blood Pudding by Ivan Cox is framed as a long-lost memoir of its narrator, Tadeusz Malinowski.
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Music, Journalism and a Friendship for Life
Jim Kinsella should be remembered.
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The War
Up the coast to another territory. Hollywood war music on the radio.
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