Wastewater: Plumbing All the Alternatives
Alex Elvin

A few hundred alternative systems are installed on Martha's Vineyard, mostly in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. The technology could help achieve nitrogen mitigation in Island coastal ponds.

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Hard Science, Hard Truths About Pond Pollution
Alex Elvin

All the saltwater ponds on the Vineyard are impaired to some degree, and each one faces a unique set of conditions. Public interest has reached a tipping point.

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Sengekontacket Pond Closed to Shellfishing After Rainfall

Sengekontacket Pond has been closed to shellfishing because of rainfall received earlier this week.

The town of Oak Bluffs has advised that the pond will be closed until at least Monday, August 17.

The state mandates pond closures after heavy rainfall because of run-off from waterfowl and other sources. Red flags fly at both bridges on the pond when it is closed to shellfishing.


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Once a Duck Hunting Club, Still a Paradise Thanks to Generosity
Heather Hamacek

The draw began with duck hunting in the early 1900s. Tisbury Great Pond was a haven for waterfowl, and wealthy Boston gentlemen took notice.

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For Islanders, Ties to Coastal Ponds Run Deep
Olivia Hull and Alex Elvin

While the Vineyard is perhaps best known for the ocean, Vineyarders have deep ties to the ponds that were carved into the Island landscape some 20,000 years ago.

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Coastal Ponds Under Pressure: Balancing People and the Environment
Alex Elvin

Island ponds are a connection to cultural heritage and a livelihood for fishermen. But housing booms and land-use changes threaten to undo a delicate balance.

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For Bellwether of Climate Change, Tough Decisions Ahead
Camron Adibi

Martha’s Vineyard is a bellwether of climate change, sea level rise and socioeconomic dynamics. It also is a place with both the interest in and commitment to dealing with its effects.

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Protect Coastal Ponds, Protect Property Values, Cape Commission Advises Vineyard
Alex Elvin

On Cape Cod ambitious efforts are underway to remediate ponds and estuaries. And when coastal ponds decline, so do property values, the executive director of the Cape Cod Commission, told a meeting at the Katharine Cornell Theatre.

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Decline in Water Quality Puts Island Ponds In Jeopardy
Katie Ruppel

A pair of quahauggers stood waist-deep in Sengekontacket Pond early Thursday morning, the late August sun glinting off the calm water as they raked hardshell clams, perhaps a basketful for their dinner. The pond has been open to summer shellfishing this year for the first time since 2007.

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Putting in Place a Plan to Save Our Ponds Costly and Politically Tricky, Forum Hears

Putting in Place a Plan to Save Our Ponds Costly and Politically
Tricky, Forum Hears


By the time anyone notices that a coastal pond or bay is choked with
floating drifts of green algae, the events that caused it happened
decades ago.

Nitrogen leaching from septic systems and runoff of pollutants from
black-topped roadways and parking lots did their damage 20 or 30 years
ago, said marine scientist Brian L. Howes, a professor at University of
Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

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