Window Shopping on Circuit Avenue
Katie Ruppel

Winter on Circuit avenue can be quiet. Down at the Good Ship Lollipop only a few customers find their way to the door seeking chocolate treats. And yet the candy store does have at least one daily customer who keeps knocking, literally, at the window.

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Oak Bluffs Building Torn Down Illegally
James Kinsella

Oak Bluffs Building Torn Down Illegally

Army Barracks Building Is Demolished with No Permits and No Review;
Building Inspector Under Fire


The contractor who tore down the old Army Barracks building on
Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs did the work with no building or demolition
permits, and town building inspector Richard Mavro failed to issue a
stop-work order on the project, even though demolition work had been
under way for several weeks.

The demolition of the building was completed last week.

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Postcards Reveal Bustling Nature Of Circuit Avenue a Century Ago
Pat Rodgers

A century ago Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs was a heady combination of sights, sounds and smells in the summertime. Exotic souvenirs, local produce and colorful parades were a visual delight. The sound of clattering hoofbeats contrasted with the sputtering of early automobiles. The aroma of spices from all over the world blended with the smell of fresh fruits and recently caught fish.

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On Circuit Avenue and All About the Town

Editor’s Note: The following column by Louise Aldrich Bugbee was first published in the Vineyard Gazette, and later appeared in a collection of Mrs. Bugbee’s essays and poems titled There Is an Island That Owns Me.

February — 1967

Oak Bluffs again and it certainly is fine to be back on the avenue — Circuit avenue.

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Oak Bluffs Squared: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Julia Rappaport

At the center of Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs is a square with ample room to sit this time of year.

The weather is not quite warm enough for ice cream, and the benches that face the main drag are empty. The summer tourists have yet to arrive, so no weary bottoms rest on the edges of the raised flower beds. Front stoops of storefronts are clear.

Despite the empty benches, a recent sunny afternoon found one elderly lady sitting in her own bright pink lawn chair, watching the world go by.

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Bicycle Rickshaws to Ply Circuit Avenue
Jim Hickey

A trio of enterprising young men appeared before Oak Bluffs selectmen Tuesday with a proposal to reduce summer traffic, raise money for charity and help the environment: bicycle rickshaws to transport people up and down Circuit avenue and other parts of town.

The three men are from Newburyport Pedicab — John Pasquina, 26, Blake Harris, 19, and William Pasquina, 29. Their pedicabs are basically bikes that haul a small sitting area behind them.

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Tivoli Day is Saturday in Oak Bluffs; Festival Atmosphere Takes Over Circuit avenue

Tivoli Day is tomorrow. Sept. 17 from 9 to 6 p.m. in downtown Oak Bluffs. Circuit avenue becomes a walkway throughout the festival and plays host to music, outdoor dining, arts, a climbing wall, mini horse rides, raffles, and summer specials. Essentially, it showcases Oak Bluffs at its very best, with just the right amount of shoulder season elbow room.

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Oak Bluffs’ Big Harborfest Hello Only Part of Its Enduring Charm
Tatiana Schlossberg

Even on a gray Monday after noon in mid-June, with a cool wind blowing off the sea, Oak Bluffs still feels like the place you want to be. Circuit avenue is crowded with everyone from teenagers to seniors all looking for that special memento; wherever you lie on the spectrum, you can find a place for yourself, and something you want.

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Embracing Life from Circuit Avenue
Bill Eville

Remembering Cee Jay Jones, the unofficial summer ambassador in Oak Bluffs, who died Oct. 9 at the age of 100 in Winston Salem, N.C.

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