Upgrades on Deck for Chilmark Community Center
Alex Elvin

The town selectmen approved funding for a new vestibule and are talking seriously about replacing the oak floor, which has been buckling for years.

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Tragic Story Continues to Touch and Change Lives
Derek Schwartz

By the time the lights came up after the screening last Wednesday of Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine, most of the audience was in tears. The film tells the story of Matt Shepard, an openly gay student at the University of Wyoming who was brutally murdered in 1998.

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Cooking with Beekman Boys

What could be better than books and the beach? How about books and the people who wrote them, near the beach.

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Chilmark Community Center Fee Hikes Proposed
Alex Elvin

Chilmark offers some of the lowest rates on the Island for community events. But local groups ranging from the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society to the Rotary Club could soon find themselves needing to hold their events elsewhere.

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Getting Intimate With Soil

Farmers share their experiences at a Slow Food farmers brunch on Sunday, Feb. 9 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center.

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Last Chilmark Community Lunch Celebrates Bountiful Harvest, Summer Songs
Remy Tumin

Connected. Privileged. Honored. Thankful. Full.

Those were a few of the words the Chilmark School fourth and fifth grade class used in their class blessing at the school’s community lunch Friday afternoon. The lunch was the last of the school year in a series of gatherings organized by Island Grown Schools and volunteers.

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Chilmark School Holds Winter Fundraiser

Save the date for next Saturday, Feb. 9, when the Chilmark School holds its annual winter fundraiser. The party will be held at the Chilmark Community Center. Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish provide the backbeat.

The fundraiser is from 7 to 11:30 p.m. That’s way past Chilmark midnight (8 p.m.) but, hey, time to step up and stay up for a good cause.

The cost is $15 at the door or online at ticketsmv.com/chilmark.

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Performance Arts Meet Science At Chilmark Community Center
Megan Dooley

A love of the arts is just one aspect of the Vineyard that sets it apart from other communities.

And on Saturday Islanders who love the arts will have the opportunity to attend a free concert titled Drops in the Stream: A Concert of Music, Poetry, and Dance. Performed by the Row Twelve Music Ensemble at the Chilmark Community Center. The concert is the brainchild of Chilmark resident Frederic Hotchkiss and the result of a community collaboration to bring a fusion of music and performing arts to the Vineyard.

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Mother Earth Festival Evokes Food, Music, Community

Terra Madre Day is here today. Are you ready? And do you even know what it is?

Well, it’s a global mother earth celebration created by the slow food movement. This year’s focus is on the thousand days initiative that aims to develop community and school food gardens across Africa.

Here on the Island the day is being celebrated with a slow food potluck tonight from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center. The event is a gastronomical coming together as well as a benefit. All proceeds go to the Thousand Days initiative.

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Chilmark Selectmen Respond to Incident, Tweaking Community Center Rental Policy

Chilmark selectmen may in the future consider changes to the rental policy for the Chilmark Community Center, including requiring a certified bartender or a designated supervisor for events where alcohol is served, following a recent incident involving alcohol when a Menemsha fisherman was arrested at a memorial service event at the center.

This week selectmen called for a review of the rental policy for the center, which is often used for social events such as weddings, birthdays and memorial services, where alcohol is served.

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