Three visible planets have lined up in the southeastern sky in the morning. The challenge is seeing them all, as they are close to the rising sun....
Vineyard Skies for Friday, February 19, 2021.
It may be the toughest but most worthy sight in the morning.
Tonight, when you step outside around 9 o’clock, look up.
The big bright gibbous moon moves through the constellation Leo this weekend.
Vineyard Skies for Friday, January 23, 2021.
Tonight’s crescent moon appears high in the southwestern sky.
The thin crescent moon appears low in the southeastern sky at dawn this weekend. Saturday morning it will be easiest to see, well above the horizon....
An unusual gathering of three planets can be viewed low in the southwestern sky soon after sunset. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are forming a tight...
The planets Jupiter and Saturn continue to appear close together.
The planets Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction.
The best meteor shower of the year takes place Sunday night.