We've had a series of beautiful days. Cool and crisp in the mornings but warming just enough midday for shirtsleeves.
Now that the weather has changed, my truck has once again turned into a glorified closet.
I've said many times how I dislike working outside in the wind.
Over the course of the winter, we had plenty of rain. It's comforting to know the water table has been replenished.
In my travels at the beginning of the week, there were a few complaints about the still-chilly days.
Last Tuesday's wind made it difficult to be a good sport. It blew plant pots all over the place, tore plastic off the cold frame and made being...
We’ve had a series of beautiful days.
My onion babies have been out in their flats for a few weeks and have experienced several freezes.
The plummeting temperatures at the beginning of the week turned me into a crybaby. I was getting used to warm, early spring.
Well, here we are just past the vernal equinox. Astronomical spring began on Sunday, March 20.
After the cold and kind of miserable weekend, the week has turned the inevitable corner into spring.
Regardless of the chilly nights, windy days and often rain or snow, the light has definitely changed.