Everything in weather world is relative.
The weather, like my family members (including myself), does not respond to criticism.
Last Friday’s snowfall was beyond beautiful. The trees were covered and all was quiet at first light.
It was so warm last weekend. I did not start a fire in the wood stove.
I stepped into the memory bank but could not find a year in the recent past when we had a white Christmas.
After last week's lovely weather, it was a rude awakening on Monday morning.
I had a large hoop house in which I stored garden-related items: tools, fertilizers, potting soil, stakes and ornamental pots.
I was curious about the phragmites in the center medians on the Massachusetts Turnpike.
I still have nearly a bushel of unplanted bulbs looking at me accusingly.
We've been having some serious rain of late. I've got big puddles in the driveway and vegetable garden.
My friend Sharlee called recently to report the Channel 4 weather to me. According to them, the tornado was directly over my house.
A person needs to be careful when hoping for something. Last column, I said I was looking forward to a freeze so I could begin fall clean-up in...