Hurricane Teddy passed by on Tuesday and delivered some mighty blustery conditions.
Last Monday and Tuesday were a bit hazy. NPR reported it was a smoke plume from the wildfires out west.
Labor Day weekend delivered some fine weather — the kind that makes a person glad to be alive.
I was happy last week at the possibility of a rainy Saturday.
Honestly, I have no business ever complaining about the weather.
I hauled out the Squeezo Strainer and processed seven quarts of tomato juice.
I’ve been harvesting and putting up the fruits of my vegetable garden.
Hurricane Bob is etched in my memory.
The star of the season once again is Ailsa Craig.
Summer is my least favorite season.
There is a very nice mimosa in bloom at the mailbox area at the head of Snake Hollow.
Every so often a man walks along State Road with a cow.