Monday morning's heavy frost, when first hit by the rising sun, looked like diamonds in the field near my house.
Lucky me! I have a large window in my bedroom through which I can observe the night sky.
Finally, the weather has turned more seasonal for the end of November.
What an abrupt change in the weather. The weekend was downright tropical and by Tuesday morning everything was frozen.
I'm no weather expert who follows record breaking but I cannot remember such a stretch of warm days in November.
I never get tired of rainy days. This is especially true after such a long, hot, dry summer.
The planting at the Triangle in Edgartown is particularly nice this season.
This past week we've enjoyed a couple of serious rains.
We've had several chilly nights recently. It's great for sleeping with an extra blanket.
In the late winter I seeded several packages of perennial flowers.
While enjoying all weather here on the Vineyard, I continue to follow the tract of Hurricane Ian towards Florida's west coast.
The light has changed and it’s just right for sleeping.