Last week’s wonderful spring weather failed to prepare me for the rude awakening Monday morning.
It’s funny how a 40-degree day in the fall has everyone bundled up but in March it’s a veritable heat wave. I saw a man in shorts for Pete’s sake!
Tuesday’s wild, windy and freezing day cemented the “In like a lion” legacy of March.
A bunch of red tulips
It’s finally happened.
I feel like a broken record. For several weeks now, I have absolutely no interesting garden news to report. Bear with me as I make a feeble attempt.
Wow, that was some serious snow last Sunday afternoon.
It doesn’t seem fair that the entire East Coast got snow on Monday except us.
After years of pressure from family members, I finally put in back-up heating.
The past week’s sunny 40-degree days drove me out into the vegetable garden.
What lovely weather we have had this past week.
I have two questions of the reading public this week.
Last week’s weather made me eat my words.