I'm a big fan of rainy summer days. However, the quick downpour on Monday afternoon was a bit alarming.
I've been writing this column since 2007 so in a quick math check that's 16 Julys.
Wow! The thunderstorm Monday night over to Tuesday early morning was pretty impressive.
I loved last Saturday’s rain. Some major puttering took place in my house.
The weather has been fairly typical for early June: cool at night, very little rain and some summery days.
I know some folks who were a bit cranky last weekend, what with rain (supposedly), wind and chilly temperatures.
Plan on me endlessly complaining about the lack of rain.
I was so happy for last weekend’s rain. I could have used several days of it.
We've had a series of beautiful days but I must confess, as a gardener, I'm a bit worried about the lack of rain.
I took a road trip out to western Massachusetts to fetch Violet's belongings from college.
We've had a couple of moments of significant rain this week.
Tuesday's sky was non-stop enormous thunderheads.