Last Sunday and Monday mornings were so foggy, caution was required on the roadways. T
After more than a week of lovely, cool, fall-like weather, we are back into the heat.
Sometimes a person should not look at weather forecasts.
The drop in humidity this week is certainly a relief and a fitting end of frantic summer activities.
I admit that my memory is becoming a bit faulty but I cannot recall ever getting reliable rain in the month of August.
I simply love rain in the summer.
There is nothing quite like the lift of a person's spirits when the heat and humidity drops.
The New York Times is loaded with stories about the extreme heat.
Just about everyone has had it with the heat and humidity.
I'm a big fan of rainy summer days. However, the quick downpour on Monday afternoon was a bit alarming.
I've been writing this column since 2007 so in a quick math check that's 16 Julys.
Wow! The thunderstorm Monday night over to Tuesday early morning was pretty impressive.