I’m one of the baffled ones. Last Friday’s rain was lovely and seemingly significant. Here it is Monday and I’ve been handling hoses. What gives?
I'm sorry to admit it, but I am not a big fan of summer.
That was quite a storm last Sunday afternoon.
I have good Guy Cotton raingear but it did not matter last Thursday.
After last Tuesday morning's lovely and much needed rain, I traveled Middle Road around lunch time.
I hate when I need to complain about the weather. For starters, it does not respond to criticism.
Except for Dorothy's transport into Oz, I have had no experience with tornadoes.
It happens every year!
Wind is my least favorite weather, but recently, in the Vineyard Haven Post Office parking lot, I actually enjoyed it.
Everyone is complaining about the wet and chilly weather. I’m not one of them.
Last Friday evening the rain, thunder and lightning could almost be called biblical.
The old refrain “April showers bring May flowers” has taken on a whole new meaning.