So far this winter has been great. When it rains it is in the forties. Then, on the really chilly days it has been very sunny.
It’s been interesting to predict this winter’s weather.
Here it is the first day of a brand new year. The day was simply beautiful, up into the 50s and sunny.
How fun it was to wake up Christmas Eve morning to a tiny dusting of snow. I’m not sure one would call it a white Christmas but it was pretty close.
Brr! It was so chilly on Tuesday that I stayed indoors all day and did nothing but load the woodstove. Nothing is quite as comfortable as a wood fire...
I do not mind cold weather. I spend a good part of the day outdoors no matter the weather.
Carrots will last in the ground until spring. Frost makes them super sweet.
I do not recall Thanksgiving Day being so cold as this past week. This is only, of course, in Vineyard memory. Thanksgiving in Rew, Pa. was another...
Ever since I discovered celeriac and how easy it is to grow, I stopped torturing myself with vain attempts to grow celery.
My least favorite weather is windy. Last Saturday afternoon was pretty impressive. At one point I ducked down beside the truck out of fear.
I must say last Monday produced some memorable weather. Above the water, the sky was foreboding and downright scary.
I don’t know why last week’s freeze came as a surprise to me. It is the end of October afterall.