Hopefully this is my last week of just making stuff up.
Christmas week produced some beautiful weather. The sun was almost noticeably warmer.
Here it is the end of yet another year and of the decade. All the news outlets are running articles on what has happened so I will not bother.
There is nothing quite like a couple of pre-Christmas snowfalls. It is so pretty with all the lights.
That was some serious rain on Monday afternoon and evening.
Growing up in Rew, Penn., snow was a fact of life.
I’ve been on-Island too long. Last Friday afternoon was rainy and windy. I took a road trip up to Marion to fetch Violet for the Thanksgiving week-...
After Monday’s rather miserable cold, windy and rainy day, Tuesday dawned as one of those great to be alive mornings.
Last weekend’s weather forecast gave me a bit of angst.
I had another minor freeze last week but the dahlias are still not dead.
I’m not one to ever complain about rain. I firmly stand by that statement after following the week’s news about all the wild fires in California —...
Rew, Pennsylvania had basically one street. We lived in the center of town, so to speak.