Many of the summer people for whom I work chose to stay through the fall. Covid has changed the habits and schedules of most of us.
Every year when the vegetable garden freezes it’s a combination of sadness and relief.
As I often do, I need to complain about last weekend’s wind. It stripped many of the just-turning beautiful fall leaves from my sugar maple.
The last few weeks have offered up some pretty spectacular cloud formations.
Everyone I have seen recently seems to be out of sorts.
Hurricane Teddy passed by on Tuesday and delivered some mighty blustery conditions.
Last Monday and Tuesday were a bit hazy. NPR reported it was a smoke plume from the wildfires out west.
Labor Day weekend delivered some fine weather — the kind that makes a person glad to be alive.
I was happy last week at the possibility of a rainy Saturday.
Honestly, I have no business ever complaining about the weather.
I hauled out the Squeezo Strainer and processed seven quarts of tomato juice.
I’ve been harvesting and putting up the fruits of my vegetable garden.