I’m good at about 60°. The past week’s heat and high humidity have made me a bit sour.
The peas are coming in.
The Island is just beautiful this week. The trees have all leafed out and some of my favorites are in full bloom.
A week ago Saturday we had significant rain.
Last column I smugly mentioned that we were finally done with freezing and it was safe to start setting out the tenders.
We are right in the middle of high spring. All the plants and trees are looking their very best.
Because it has been oddly chilly for April and May, the spring ornamental bushes and trees are behaving the way they did decades ago.
Covid has made me a complainer. First, I whine when it’s cold and wet.
Too bad the weather does not respond to criticism because it’s been getting plenty of it lately.
Is it just me or have we had an inordinate amount of rain and wind?
Monday’s nearly perfect spring day had folks out puttering in their yards.
I don’t know how I ever went to work. I spend the entire day fussing around my house and yard.