After years of pressure from family members, I finally put in back-up heating.
The past week’s sunny 40-degree days drove me out into the vegetable garden.
What lovely weather we have had this past week.
I have two questions of the reading public this week.
leeks in a basket, photo by Ray Ewing
One year when the children were small, Santa brought a tape recorder.
Last week’s weather made me eat my words.
I don’t not know why I continue to trust the Weather Channel. They are right maybe half the time. Wish I had that job.
There is nothing quite like the season’s first snow. Tuesday morning it woke me up because it was so quiet.
That was some serious wind and rain on Monday night. I think I slept about two hours.
It was a bit alarming on Monday when the rapidly moving storm crossed over the Vineyard.
My truck is rapidly becoming a closet. The mornings are chilly so I appropriately bundle up for outside work.
How amazing has the weather been since last weekend’s highs of almost 70 degrees?