What an abrupt change in the weather. The weekend was downright tropical and by Tuesday morning everything was frozen.
I'm no weather expert who follows record breaking but I cannot remember such a stretch of warm days in November.
I never get tired of rainy days. This is especially true after such a long, hot, dry summer.
The planting at the Triangle in Edgartown is particularly nice this season.
This past week we've enjoyed a couple of serious rains.
We've had several chilly nights recently. It's great for sleeping with an extra blanket.
In the late winter I seeded several packages of perennial flowers.
While enjoying all weather here on the Vineyard, I continue to follow the tract of Hurricane Ian towards Florida's west coast.
The light has changed and it’s just right for sleeping.
I, for one, am really looking forward to a seasonal change.
I was all set to whine about the paltry amount of rain we got on Tuesday.
How about that thunder and lightning last Friday night?