I'm about to sit down to a plate of my own words.
One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons is of a couple standing in front of their apartment building.
What a beautiful winter wonderland on Tuesday morning.
My poor hellebores are struggling to recover from the big freeze a few weeks ago.
With the exception of the "big freeze," this has been the most un-February of months.
Last Friday night and Saturday certainly gave us here on the Vineyard a wake-up call.
I've been lured into complacency by the mild temperatures this winter.
Because it has been so rainy and gloomy, there have been endless days of no sunshine.
I never left the house on Sunday or Monday except to quickly care for the chickens.
Here we are, another week into January, and, in my opinion, unseasonably warm.
What a difference a week makes in weather world.
I went into the memory bank and found it to be bankrupt.