From the Feb. 6, 1959 edition of the Vineyard Gazette.
For my own benefit, on this rainy day when I’m not required to go to work, I’m sitting here enjoying gratitude.
From the January 19, 1877 edition of the Vineyard Gazette by Rev. Henry Baylies:
Tracking down information about eels and the skinning thereof, the path led me to the blacksmith shop of Milton Jeffers in Edgartown.
The following letter was recently received by Captain George Fred Tilton, master of the ship Charles W. Morgan, from F. G. Hillman of New Bedford.
Young Nancy and James Rogers looked out the window Saturday morning and saw a parachute hanging in a tree, with a small package suspended at the end...
The question was: Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Barry Clifford leaned back in his chair and smiled; the delicious, self-satisfied smile of a fellow who figures he’s found a fortune in buried...
There used to be a bunch of pilots at Cuttyhunk, another bunch at Lambert’s Cove and still another bunch at West Chop and Vineyard Haven.
From the Nov. 27, 1925 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
Cool, frosty mornings bring most people from their beds with an appetite for breakfast, particularly those who spend their days in the open air.
More times than men like to admit, it is the women who get things started, and so it was with the Vineyard Haven Public Library.