A large number of the voters of Edgartown assembled in the Town Hall, to transact the business necessary for a proper maintenance of law and good...
A single male heath hen, almost certainly the sole survivor of its species in the whole world, showed itself this week.
The sale of Prospect Hill is one of perhaps no more than three, or maybe four, transfers on the highest eminence on the Vineyard in this century.
At 6:10 a.m. yesterday the sun crossed the equator. Day and night were of equal length everywhere on earth.
All the talk about new schools, makes us feel sometimes that all things educational that were practiced before might have been somehow wrong.
Capt. John R. Forman of Edgartown was 84 on Sunday.
There are clubs, some better and more decorative than others, but none just like the Barnacle Club of Vineyard Haven.
Jaws is back! Or at least Shari Rhodes, the casting director, has been on the Island casting for Jaws II.
From the Feb. 17, 1921 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
Groundhog day was not so recognized by the rude forefathers of the hamlets.
From the Feb. 5, 1954 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: Manuel Swartz Roberts’ famous boatbuilding shop, in Edgartown, is in the process of being sold...
If anyone in the fishing port of Edgartown should ask who knows most about the trade, many would answer, “Frank Osborn.”