Martha’s Vineyard’s first agricultural fair was a “splendid success,” leaving everyone “astonished and delighted.”
It is late August, often a season of molds and weeds on Martha’s Vineyard farms.
Every farmer has a favorite crop. Some are reluctant to name just one, like a mother who does not want to play favorites.
With the Agricultural Fair beginning on Thursday, it’s another busy week ahead for Island farmers.
The other day I called Julie Scott, the farm manager at Slough Farm in Edgartown, and caught her just as she was about to get into a truck with a...
Every other morning, I begin my day harvesting flowers, working alongside my friend Lucy Leopold.
A farmer’s entire success depends on many factors, but always starts with one thing: our dirt.
Farmers are eternal optimists. In the quiet months of winter, we think to ourselves, “This will be the year.”
My 18-month-old daughter recently pointed at a freshly harvested green bundle sitting on our kitchen counter and correctly identified it as bok choy.
Some farmers may disagree, but I find working in a warm summer rain is one of the greatest pleasures of farming.
It is with great pleasure that I am taking on the revived Farm and Field column this summer.
Fair excitement begins with the annual unveiling of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair poster.