I am very pro-choice when it comes to plants. However, I do draw the line at invasive species.
What does it mean to be American? It's a good (and complicated) question that I won't endeavor to answer.
If I were a plant, I might be trailing arbutus.
Invertebrate investigations dominated discussions in our house last week.
"Happy snacking, don't die." That is the great advice for newbie foragers from Alexis Nikole Nelson.
Need a fact or quotation on liverworts?
Blame it on autocorrect. 
This is must-see TV. Once you tune in, it will be hard to turn away from this 24-hour streaming service.
It's time to cry fowl.
Male spring peepers have begun their lustful calls, an annual miracle of trying to outdo each other to find a mate.
How can one not be fascinated by fermentation?
Beachcombers, start your engines! Or at least put your walking shoes on and get out there.