It's hammer time!
David Stanwood is a man of music and, of late, mollusks.
It’s a girl! The big reveal didn't come with pink and blue fireworks, colored cake, or any other gender-reveal activities.
"Sun, sun, sun, here we come," might be the adapted Beatles song if sung by a bale, turn, or flotilla (all names for a group) of painted turtles.
Is it fair to forsake a whole category of creature?
Fleas are not fun, unless they are of the circus-performing variety. 
Everybody’s got a story but Trip Barnes has more stories than anybody. 
Susan Straight of Chilmark isn’t being saucy when she insists that she finds the most interesting things in her outdoor shower.   
If we pull it off, it will be a great caper.
Pat Tyra wants to know who to call. Would it be animal control, public works, landscape or a pest control professional?  
The question would confuse even Shakespeare. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate?   
Orcas sleep with one eye open.