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Thomas Hale, 87, Was Shipyard Owner, Maritime Historian
Tom Dunlop

He was an artist and historian, author and harbor master, boat yard owner and model maker, designer of homes, builder of lobster boats and family yawls, a husband, father and grandfather. Three times he was denied the chance to enlist in the armed forces after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He finally joined a volunteer ambulance service working with the British army and was present at the liberation of Bergen-Belsen.

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Super-Sized Houses Are Talk of Towns
Remy Tumin and Sara Brown

It’s a question that vexes local planning agencies and inflames passions from homeowners builders, and residents on both sides of the issue.

When it comes to houses, how big is too big?

This issue has special resonance on the Vineyard, where land is limited and residents have a history of fiercely protecting — and debating — the Island’s character.

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Health Care Checkup: Access to Primary Care Improving
Sara Brown and John H. Kennedy

Islanders seem to voice the complaint nearly as often as they grumble about summer traffic backups at the blinker light and spiking prices at the gas pump:

You can’t find a primary care doctor on the Island.

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Shiver Me Timbers: Old Wreck Exposed
Mark Alan Lovewell

The remnants of a shipwreck turned up on South Beach near Wasque last weekend, following a series of winter storms that have pounded and eaten away the south-facing shoreline of the Vineyard in recent weeks.

The large piece of what appears to be the hull of a ship was spotted about 100 yards east of the Norton Point Beach opening by Skip Bettencourt, who saw and photographed it. The ship remnant is about 35 feet long and four feet wide.

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Season of First Looks Lays Bare The Creative Process of Theatre
Lauren Martin

Story will be fending for itself this summer on the stages of Martha’s Vineyard. Stripped like the economy (and because of it), this season promises something much more seductive than blockbuster pretense, jaw-dropping set design, or celebrity leads: a glimpse at the so-called creative process.

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Recovering From Injury, Athlete Discovers His True Personal Best
Ivy Ashe

In 1992, Charlie Shipway took to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, sailing in the Barcelona Olympic games as a representative of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The competition was world-class; the stakes raised to a near-peak. Mr. Shipway and catamaran captain Jean Brauer placed 22nd in the 22-boat field—somebody has to, after all.

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Wounded Veteran Reels in Heroic Fish in Special Derby Event
Peter Brannen

“There’s my hero,” said Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association president Janet Messineo as Emanuel Thompson walked into the Beach Plum Inn on Thursday morning. It had been a day since Mr. Thompson, an Air Force veteran from Virginia, had caught his derby-leading 34.72-pound striper on Capt. Buddy Vanderhoop’s charter boat Tomahawk out of Menemsha, but he was still beaming.

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Journey Home from the Fair Lasts a Lifetime
Bill Eville

I have mixed feelings about going to the Agricultural Fair. This has nothing to do with the fair itself, which at 150-years-old has aged exceptionally well, maintaining its links to the past without a hint of mustiness. It is very much a thing of the present and this weekend I will bring my children to the fair many times.

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More Islanders, A Little Older, More Diverse
Mike Seccombe

Martha’s Vineyard is growing rapidly more populous, older and more diverse according to the most recent figures from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Overall, the population of Dukes County grew 10.3 per cent in the decade 2000-2010, well down on the 29 per cent growth of the previous decade, but still the highest by far of any county in Massachusetts.

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Boys’ Tennis Best Season Ever Ends
Ivy Ashe

And then there were eight.

Eight tennis teams left playing in the MIAA Team Tournament as the section finals got underway last Friday afternoon. Eight teams, the best in the state, fighting to extend their season at least a few more days — maybe even an extra week if they made it all the way to the state final.

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