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Similar Yet Different, Old Footage is Portal to Past
Tom Dunlop
The film was shot at the Edgartown bathing beach on Chappaquiddick back in the summer of 1927. And it turns out that people swam, splashed, sunbathed, smiled at one another and flirted with the camera exactly the same way they do now, nearly 90 years later.
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Summer Crush Equals Housing Shortage
Olivia Hull and Alex Elvin
The lack of affordable housing, both summer and year-round, is by now a well-entrenched Island problem, but many believe that this year the shortage is unusually severe.
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Heath Hen Debate Contains Vineyard DNA
Ivy Ashe

Bringing back an extinct species raises a whirlwind of questions — technical, ethical and financial. Would it be possible? Should it be done?

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Heath Hen Raises Bar on De-Extinction Debate
Sara Brown
The heath hen is at the center of a new effort and a new debate on the Island, as scientific advances have made de-extinction a possibility.
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Tisbury Shuns Records Request Over Stop & Shop
Julia Wells

More than three months after the Vineyard Gazette formally asked for public records from the town of Tisbury relating to the Stop & Shop expansion proposal, the town has provided only a portion of what was requested.

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Not Another Cat Call, Film Shows Whistling Can be High Art
Meg Robbins
Filmmakers explore the serious and whimsical world of whistling in their film Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling.
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Last of Her Kind, Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Has Strong Ties to the Vineyard
Sara Brown
The Charles W. Morgan came back to life this spring. The last American wooden whaling ship once again had saltwater under her 173-year-old keel. Ocean winds buffeted her new suit of sails. She has another captain and a new crew occupying bunks and climbing the rigging.
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Pat Gregory Remembered for His Kindness, Gentle Spirit
Remy Tumin

A crowd of nearly 1,000 people filled the West Tisbury Agricultural Hall Wednesday afternoon for the memorial service for F. Patrick Gregory. Son Tim Gregory called his father a whistler and believer in the human spirit.

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MVC Review of Stop & Shop Marked by Many Twists, Turns
Sara Brown and Olivia Hull

In many ways the 10-month review of the grocery chain's expansion plan followed a normal course for a development project in front of the MVC. But emails obtained by the Gazette show the process was unusual in other respects.

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Island Stunned by News of Death of Pat Gregory

Throughout the weekend the Vineyard mourned the loss of the longtime West Tisbury moderator and well-known Islander, who was the victim of a robbery and homicide on a remote hiking trail in northern California Friday. Mr. Gregory was 69.

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