The Vineyard Gazette welcomes a diversity of views from readers. We require readers to sign their real name to letters to the editor that appear in print and encourage their use online, but have decided to allow anonymous comments in order to attract a broader spectrum of opinion. In providing a place on our website for discussion of community news, however, we expect these comments to be civil, relevant and well informed.

Online comments are reviewed by site moderators before they are published. Reviews are done when time permits, and there may be a time lag between posting and publication, especially on weekends. Although most comments will be published, we reserve the right not to publish comments for any reason, including those that:

  1. Employ name-calling, personal attacks or hateful language that is derogatory toward any person or group of people, such as those of a certain race, religion or sexual orientation;
  2. Use obscenities or vulgarities or allude to obscenities or vulgarities;
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  4. Violate any law including copyright, slander or libel;
  5. Contain information that is false or intentionally misleading, or the veracity of which can't be immediately verified;
  6. Are designed primarily to promote a product, a business or a political candidate; or
  7. Purport to come from someone other than their author.

Comments are either published or not published; we do not edit comments. The Gazette also reserves the right not to approve multiple comments that appear to come from the same source or repeat the same information, or comments from people with no evident connection to the Vineyard. Occasionally we will close particular stories to comments altogether.

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Updated 1-16-20