lan P. Slatas purchased 0 Rose Meadow Way in Aquinnah from Rebecca R. Cary, Alan P. Slatas and Wesley D. James et al for $20,000 on May 31.


Lisa L. Kusinitz TRS purchased 13 Saddle Club Road in Edgartown from Dorothy Benitez for $1,250,000 on May 29.

Ryan Walker purchased 15 Mill street, Unit 29, in Edgartown from Christon Family LLC for $523,000 on May 29.

Mark W. Marino and Nina Jones-Marino purchased 14 Mill Hill Road in Edgartown from MSK LLC for $4,600,000 on May 30.

OPR 99 Homestead LLC purchased 99 Oyster Pond Road in Edgartown from Shauna White Smith Indiv. and TRS, Toni White Hanover Indiv. and TRS, White-Quampack Realty Trust, Albert White 2010 Revocable Trust for $5,500,000 on May 31.

Oak Bluffs

ALJ Realty Corp purchased 71 Netock avenue in Oak Bluffs from 71 Netock Ave LLC for $1,225,000 on May 29.

West Tisbury

Benjamin Taylor purchased 131 Shubael Weeks Road in West Tisbury from Barbara A. Bennett TRS and William D. Bennett 2004 Trust for $2,000,000 on May 31.