Birds, butterflies and horseshoe crabs flocked to Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary Saturday for the second annual Eco-Drag show.

While participants in traditional drag shows usually perform an exaggerated form of femininity or masculinity, Saturday's show featured a variety of nature’s creatures taking center stage.

“Frequently, the bodies or appearances that we present in are not representative of the full spectrum of our beings,” Eli Nixon, the master of ceremonies, told the crowd. “As someone who’s a third gender person, I felt outside of more traditional drag for a long time...but something that was about feeling oneself as part of the natural world could get me freer.”

Tess Harvey sprouts wings for the show. — Hailey McLaughlin

Nixon, dressed as a horseshoe crab, performed a number of parody songs, highlighting the role horseshoe crabs play in the ecosystem and the biomedical industry. They were accompanied by J Verhoosky on guitar, who dressed as a red knot, a bird that relies on horseshoe crab eggs for food.

Another performer, Tess Harvey, was also motivated by environmental science. Ms. Harvey danced to I Will Survive, dressed as a butterfly.

“I’m hopefully going to make a comment about preserving milkweed on Martha’s Vineyard so that the monarch butterflies can eat,” she said.

In between performances, Suzan Bellincampi, regional director of Mass Audubon Islands, demonstrated a number of local bird calls.

Ms. Bellincampi’s husband, Jean-Marc Dupon, took part in the festivities as one of the performers. He emerged from a fabric cocoon dressed as a luna moth to dance to I’m Coming Out by Diane Ross.

Suzan Bellincampi, director of Felix Neck, lets loose some bird calls. — Hailey McLaughlin

“I got friends and family members that are LGBTQ, so I do everything I can to support them,” Mr. Dupon said. “I’ve always had a great love for nature and this is a unique show.”

Audience members sang along to the performances, which included a snail grooving along to Snail, a parody of AWOLNATION’s song Sail. Others sat at the picnic tables making flower crowns and decorating paper animal masks.

“I’ve grown up on the Island, so I grew up going to Felix Neck summer camps and I love drag,” said Anne Culbert, one of the spectators. “I’m excited about seeing the two together.”

The money raised from the event will go to Queer Hub MV, an Island organization supports the local LGBTQ+ community and connects members to relevant resources.

“We love and value the diversity of nature. Every plant, every animal, has their own thing.” Ms. Bellincampi said. “We’re going to love nature, love people, love embodying the spirit of whoever we want to be today.”