Mother Nature is playing with us. My heat has been on and off, windows open shut and different blankets at night. I know we go through this every spring, but just a little warmer would be nice.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Gunner Harlow and Edward Rosebeck who celebrated their day May 12; Adelaide Sequin, May 13; Broden Couto, May 14; Mateo DeOliveira, Issac Winters, May 15; Yan Lucas Robadel, May 16; and to Alondra Hernandez and Bianca Nunes who celebrate their day on May 17.

I went to the Minnesingers concert on Saturday and was once again impressed by the amazing talent this school has and the talent of the director Abby Chandler to bring out the best in these students. It was a concert for everyone. The dance routines were choreographed by Kenny Romero, and they did not miss a beat.

Of course, they will be losing some seniors, including Katie Ogden, Payton (Audrey) Polleys, Hydee Turner, Jason Boudreau, Jack Tully, Emma Burt, Amity Harris, Tatum Thomas, Alex Turner, Eli Friedman and Huck Moore. They will be missed, but we also know that there will be new freshmen coming to start their journey.

Also, again we have to acknowledge Nancy Rogers, who was an original Minnesinger in 1968, and still accompanies them with her piano skills and travels with them. Because of all the moving around, the piano is often behind the curtains but you can always hear her talent.

Town is waking up. I noticed a lot of the stores open Mother’s Day weekend. There were also a lot of people here visiting. The Stop & Shop was busy, but I am loving all the room and not running into people going up and down the aisles. But I have to admit I am still having trouble finding things.

The Kwanzan Cherry trees have been amazing this year. They are in full bloom and almost every tree is covered with blooms. The lilacs are next, and the lilies of the valley are up and budding. I hope you are all enjoying all the colors that are popping each day with the sunshine.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.