The fog is returning as the weather gets warmer and the water is still cool. Driving along Beach Road it is fun to watch the clouds and the fog compete in vanishing the Cape shoreline.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Sajada Fair and Quinn Millard who celebrated their day May 5; Eamon Murphy, May 7; and to Maria Fonseca, who celebrates her day May 10.

Just two days of sun and the Island has burst in color. The azaleas are at their best, the Roddy’s are starting to show their color, the lilacs are just about to open, the leaves are coming slowly, and all of a sudden, the grass is greener. Yes, spring is here.

It made me smile as I walked the dog Tuesday afternoon, as the kids were swinging on the swings, there was a pair of players in the tennis court, the guys were playing rugby or soccer in one of the enclosures, and there was a girls softball team practicing on the baseball field. I love seeing the recreational area in full use. It does confuse my dog Merida as she loves balls, and with everything going on she does not know which way to go and she is always hoping a ball will come her way.

She did escape from me one day which does not usually happen. When I caught up to her, I heard this young man yelling to her to let him have the ball. She had caught his lacrosse ball as he was practicing and thought keep away was a good thing. She reluctantly gave it back but was satisfied to get to play a bit.

Please keep the Fournier family in your thoughts and prayers. Ryann and Adam Fournier’s three-year-old son Billy has been battling cancer for the past year. He is about to go into experimental treatments and will be traveling on and off-Island a lot in the next year. We know it will be expensive for the family and a You’ve got a Friend account has been set up for them ( We wish them love and a cure for this horrible disease.

I have one more eclipse story to tell. Josh Kresel, who was my neighbor for a few years with his parents Mary Ellen and his late father Jim. Even though his parents moved to Florida, Josh had saltwater in his veins and has stayed. He has friends in Maine and so he took the opportunity to travel up there for the event. Josh set up a tent and camped in seven inches of snow and woke up to 65 degree weather the next day. While waiting for the eclipse to happen he fished for trout in Morrison Pond. Then when the total eclipse happened, Josh said the local rooster started to crow, and he could see the stars. Sounds like a trip he won’t soon forget.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.