Wild turkey hunting season begins today, April 29, and runs through May 25, running a half hour before sunrise until noon each day except Sundays.

Massachusetts residents need a hunting or sporting license, a turkey permit and a safety sticker. Non-residents also need a turkey permit and a safety sticker. But instead of a hunting or sporting license, non-residents will need a big game license as opposed to a hunting or sporting license.

Shotgun, muzzleloader and archery are allowed for spring turkey season. There are no blaze orange requirements.

“Being on property you have permission to be on is the big thing,” said Joe Rogers, a turkey hunter who is on the board of directors for Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club, “Regardless of the species, you want to make sure you are following the law.”

The bag limit for the season is two bearded birds. Game must be reported within 48 hours of harvest. Reports can be made online with MassFishHunt.